26 July 2016


FIAT Professional Ireland is celebrating the introduction of its latest Euro 6-compliant range of commercial vehicles by offering a discount of up to €3,400† between now and the end of September.

The FIAT Professional range of award-winning commercial vehicles employ advanced technologies to meet Euro 6 emissions regulations with minimal impact on running costs for customers. In the case of the FIAT Professional Doblo, for example, there is no price increase on the entry-level Euro 6 version compared to the Euro 5 model at €13,650* (excluding VAT, VRT and delivery charges) and from now until the end of September the price of the Doblo 1.3 MultiJet II 95hp SWB is just €12,050*, an outstanding saving of €1,600†.

The popular FIAT Professional Ducato benefits from a comprehensive range of class-leading Euro 6 engines, exclusively employing Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (LPEGR) to lower NOx emissions without the complexity, added weight and additional costs associated with using emission additives. LPEGR functions by channeling exhaust gasses away after the DPF, cooling them through a low-pressure EGR cooler and then recirculating them in advance of the turbo charger. The top-of-the-range 3.0-litre 180hp has also been replaced by a new 180hp 2.3-litre MultiJet II Power LPEGR, resulting it a considerable improvement in fuel efficiency and emissions. The core 2.3-litre MultiJet 130hp and 150hp engines also adopt FIAT Professional's exclusive LPEGR technology to ensure all FIAT Professional Ducato customers benefit from the brand's latest technological advances. Despite this, price increases are kept to an absolute minimum with the popular FIAT Professional Ducato LWB H2 2.3 MultiJet II LPEGR 130hp priced at just €23,530*, the same price as the Euro 5 model it replaces. As an added bonus, between now and the end of September this model is available from just €20,580*, a saving of €2,950*. The top of the new FIAT Professional Ducato range, the 40 XLWB H3 2.3 MultiJet II LPEGR Power 180hp, is priced from just €28,330* - a reduction of €850 compared to the 3.0-litre model it replaces, and with a further saving of €3,400†, it is available from an astonishingly affordable €24,930* until September 30. 

A saving of up to €750† is also available on the new FIAT Professional Fiorino until the end of September. The new Fiorino retains the compact dimensions that make it perfect for use in cities, agile in traffic and easy to park, without sacrificing any of its remarkable load capacity of up to 2.8 m3 or payload capacity of up to 660kg. For 2016 it benefits from a new front bumper in line with the sophisticated design language of the FIAT Professional range while retaining the high-mounted headlamps that are not only synonymous with the Fiorino's identity but also have a practical role in improving visibility and ensuring they are less susceptible to parking mishaps. New 15-inch wheel covers and 15-inch, diamond finish, burnished alloy wheels completes the external revisions.

The new Fiorino retains its commodious, squared-off load compartment accessible thorough large rear doors that open to 180 degrees and have ergonomic vertical handles that are designed to be approached from either side and opened with minimal effort - very useful when the operator's arms are full! Functional options includes a folding, retractable passenger seat which can be used as a desk or folded flat to carry objects of up to 2.5 metres in length.

The passenger compartment has also been revised to make it more comfortable and ergonomic than ever. The redesigned steering wheel is available with remote stereo controls and leather trim, as is and gear knob and boot. The instruments cluster gets new graphics with permanent backlighting for better visibility and a new, more functional storage compartment has been added to the dashboard. A new, five-inch, colour, touchscreen infotainment system is also offered for the first time, with Bluetooth, USB/AUX port and available satellite navigation and DAB radio. Pricing for the new FIAT Professional Fiorino 1.3-MultiJet II 80hp start at €11,495,* or just €10,995* until the end of September, while the Adventure version is priced from €13,045* - or €12,295* when FIAT Professional's savings of €750† are applied.

Further information on the FIAT Professional range, is available from www.fiatprofessionalpress.ie and business users can find out more on the public website www.fiatprofessional.ie

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